Lutron MACL-153M-WH

Selecting The Perfect Dimmer For LED Lighting


If you use LED light bulbs in your home or office, it is important to note that not all traditional dimmers are compatible with LED lighting. While the benefits of using LED lights are numerous (energy savings, cost savings, to name a few), you need to be careful when installing a dimmer switch to use on these lights.

Some will argue that LED bulbs don’t dim as well as incandescent bulbs but they work just fine, as long as you are using the proper type of dimmer. However, most will agree that they dim better than fluorescent light bulbs.

LED dimmer switches easily connect to your standard 110V line voltage, and allow economically and environmentally savvy users the luxury of setting the lighting in their homes to their liking. Plus, LED dimmer switches use only the amount of energy necessary to light the bulb to your preferred brightness, thereby saving you money when you don’t have the light set to full capacity.

The most reputable manufacturer for LED dimmer switches is Lutron, and we are proud to carry more than a dozen different styles of LED dimmers in a variety colors including white, light almond, black, brown, ivory, gray and almond. LED dimmer switches at Westside Wholesale are all priced less than $50, with several available for less than $20.

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