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Service faucets are designed to move out of the way to allow better access to the sink to wash larger items. Westside Wholesale represents an extensive line of faucets for service sinks. Our products can be used for public places, hospitality business and might be very handy in a household as well because of their long-lasting durability qualities. Faucet is a sanitary appliance for water delivery regulation. At Westside Wholesale customers can find tools of two professional brands: Chicago Faucets and Moen.

All our faucets are made from the high quality materials and perfectly match world faucet performance standards. Majority of them meets ADA requirements. There are also some ECAST products available as well. We tried to create the best selection of service faucets to let our clients chose from a large number of items.

Here you can find chrome faucets or stainless steel faucets. Most faucets are made of latten covered with chrome finish, but some models are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel faucets are considered to be commonly-used chrome faucets are quite usable because they are protected from troubles with lime scale caused by water. That’s why chrome faucets keep leading positions on market.

Service faucets are accommodated with the specially projected tap so that you could not only wash a big cooking pot but also reach the sink or other big units. According to customer priority he can choose a glassy shining model which fit any design and looks good to the eye, but requires a special care; or more optimal solution: matte coating. Matte coating looks stylish and is not afraid of touch prints.

Obviously Westside Wholesale steps over the bounds of delightful design in a question of service faucets and goes for usability and handy characteristics.

Westside Wholesale’s collection includes wall-mounted service sink faucets, deck mounted pre-rinse spray faucets or low arc laundry faucets. Before you buy the right item, it is recommended to decide what type would match your room specifications as well as the sink. Our faucets are divided on two handle and single handle faucets.

All our faucets are manufactured under the coordination of the research development department located in the United States; the manufacturer warranty for each item is available. For more information about each model please see our products list and click on the picture you like. The pricelist for this category is optimally low so our clients benefit from the most favorable costs including free shipping.

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