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Single Speed Vs. Multi Speed: What's the Difference When It Comes To Your Pool Pump?


Pool pumps are available as both single speed pumps and multi-speed pumps in order to best suit your needs. The options give you the opportunity to decide how quiet you’d like your pool pump to be, and how much money you’d like to save on efficiency. Both types of pumps can be used for a residential or commercial swimming pool.

Generally speaking multi-speed pumps have the advantage of being quieter, providing options for flow rate, and they may be more economical. Because you can adjust the speed yourself, you can reduce the noise generated by your swimming pool pump by setting it a lower speed. However, it is important to note that many single speed pool pumps are now made with technology that allows for a reduction in noise as well, such as the Pentair WhisperFlo Pump.

The speed options of a multi-speed pool pump allow you to use them in a variety of ways. The higher speeds are ideal for spa jets and other water features such as waterfall. The multi-speed pool pumps are designed to promote rapid filtering. The lower speeds can be used for general filter and circulation needs. (Keep in mind that although a single-speed pump can sometimes be used for spa jets, it may not produce enough flow to allow for adequate filtration. Moreover, this may cause over usage of the pump, putting added pressure on the filter thus reducing its lifespan and efficiency.)

Multi-speed pumps also provide economical savings. When you choose to run the multi-speed pump at a lower speed, the pump uses much less energy, thus giving you more control over your energy bill. In fact, the benefits of multi-speed pool pumps have even prompted some states such as California to offer a $200 rebate to customers for replacing their old pool pump with an energy efficient multi-speed pool pump.

Speaking of energy efficiency, many of the pool pumps offered by Westside Wholesale are deemed energy efficient. Those by trusted manufacturers Jandy, Pentair and Hayward, (which range from .75 Horsepower to 3 Horsepower) are all energy efficient.

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