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Founded in 1906, the Sloan Valve Company has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of restroom products through high quality design and restroom water conversation. Headquartered in Franklin Park, IL the company was founded by William Elvis Sloan. His first invention was called the Royal Flushmeter, a flush valve that uses a small amount of water to flush a urinal. It quickly became an industry standard.

Today, the Sloan Valve Company is at the forefront of commercial bathroom production making commercial bathroom products that are functionally attractive yet durable. From bathroom sinks, automatic bathroom faucets, waterless urinals, restroom hand dryers and soap dispensers, Sloan provides an impressive collection of whole bathroom solutions.

Sloan Valve Authorized Distributor

As an officially licensed Sloan Valve Company Distributor, Westside Wholesale sells the brand's many high-end bathroom products. Containing Sloan's popular sinks, urinals and hand dryers to faucet accessories, valves and soap refills, the Westside Wholesale inventory has the commercial bathroom product you need. Learn about our buyer rewards programs and how you can save for your commercial bathroom upgrade project.

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