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Kidde KA-B
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Kidde KA-B
Kidde Smoke Detector Quick Convert Adapter from BRK to Kidde (900-0150)
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About Kidde Smoke Alarm Accessories

Kidde Smoke Alarm Accessories offered at Westside Wholesale are designed to provide the highest quality safety protection for you and your home. Presented in this category Quick Convert Adaptors and Carbon Monoxide Relay Modules can be used with other Kidde devices to create a multifunctional and reliable smoke detecting system.

Kidde CO120X relay module can help you route the signal from one device to the rest of the alarms in the circuit. This Relay Module can be used for linking up to 24 of devices, which improves overall safety awareness in the building. Installing Kidde Smoke and Fire Alarms in a circuit increases the chances of timely and accurate smoke detections that prevent injuries and significant property damage.

Westside Wholesale has an aim of providing the best safety solutions to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. That is why every device you see in this store is produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers, has affordable wholesale prices and is compliant with U.S. NRC safety standards.

Kidde Smoke Alarm Accessories are easy to install and maintain. They also increase the functionality of existent smoke detecting systems by allowing convenient and quick inspections of device’s operation. Equipped with effective visible and audible alarms Kidde devices help notify homeowners and residents about fire danger taking place in the building.

Each Smoke Alarm manufactured by Kidde and offered at Westside Wholesale uses ionization technique to detect products of combustion, which helps minimize the number of false and nuisance alarms. Kidde Smoke Alarms are also equipped with Test/Hush button that lets you temporarily silence the device when a known alarm condition activated it. If the smoke is not dense and dangerous enough, the device will silence immediately.

Westside Wholesale intends to help its customers make the right choices when selecting Smoke Alarm Accessories. That is why it offers items of exceptional quality and functionality produced by the most known manufacturers.

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