Gentex Smoke Alarms

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How to Select

About Gentex Smoke Alarms

Wide variety of Gentex Smoke Alarms, offered at Westside Wholesale ensures safety and security in every home, apartment or commercial building. Since every modern home has at least one fuel-burning appliance in it such as water heater, grill, furnace or cooktop, it should also have a smoke alarm to help detect fire in case of an accident. Here are just some of the features Gentex Smoke Alarms are ready to offer:

  • Designed for single station or tandem applications;
  • Remote annunciation;
  • LED indicator that shows the condition of the device;
  • Evacuation Sounding Device;
  • Innovative three-position test switch that simulates smoke conditions from 85% and 3.4%;
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 5:1;
  • Isolated Thermal Sensor;
  • Form A and Form C contacts;
  • Photoelectric technology used in their production;
  • Affordable wholesale prices and manufacturer’s warranty.

Gentex Smoke Alarms help detect fire and prevent it from damaging the house and injuring people in it. Such device also increases the chances of surviving and even avoiding a home fire, so it is crucially important to have one installed in your house. Here are some useful tips on how to select a perfect Smoke Alarm that will fit the needs of your home.

  • First thing to consider is the location of smoke alarms. They should be installed on every level of the building, including the attic and basement. The majority of fatal fires start from these places during the night-hours that’s why it is necessary to have an alarm outside your sleeping area.
  • Second thing to consider is the proper maintenance of a smoke alarm. If this device has a low or not working battery, it won’t detect any smoke. That is why it is advised to test the device monthly and to replace the batteries at least once a year.
  • Third and most important moment is all about a proper installation of any Smoke Alarm you select. It should be mounted according to the instructions set by manufacturer. That way it will work correctly and will be entitled to the manufacturer’s warranty.
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