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Westside Wholesale offers wide variety of System Sensor Smoke Alarms that are compatible with both round and rectangular ductwork configurations installed in residential and commercial buildings. Presented in this category items have all of the features of reliable alarms that will enhance safety of any home and provide 24/7 protection for you and your family.

System Sensor Smoke Alarms are equipped with photoelectric detectors with integrated low-flow technology that makes the process of identifying a hazardous smoke timely and accurate. More than that, such devices also have a false alarm immunity offered by a plug-in sensor. That way the frequency of false alarms is minimized. Such feature will be most appreciated in kitchens and bathrooms where cooking fumes and water steam often cause nuisance alarms.

Westside Wholesale presents a series of System Sensor Smoke Alarms including 4-Wire Photoelectric Detectors, Multi-Signal Accessory Test Station and Duct-Mounted Sampling Tubes. Along with innovative technologies of detecting smoke, System Sensor Alarms offer improved cover design that makes their installation and maintenance simple. System Sensor D4120 can be used to connect up to 50 InnovairFlex devices installing them into a circuit of alarms. When any of the interconnected detectors identifies smoke, all other devices switch their relays. That way the source of smoke can be identified in minutes providing the opportunity to evacuate people from the building without creating any chaos or panic.

By presenting System Sensor Smoke Alarms, Westside Wholesale provides its customers with affordable and reliable solutions to transform any building into a safe and comfortable place. Not only do these Alarms detect smoke, they also prevent property damage and injuries by reducing the recirculation of fumes in duct systems. That’s why System Sensor devices are a perfect choice when selecting a device to assist in protecting the property and installed in it applications.

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