Warmly Yours Snow Melting

Warmly Yours RLY-8PL
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Warmly Yours RLY-8PL
Warmly Yours Relay Panel Medium, 8 poles (Open Box Item)
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About Warmly Yours Snow Melting

Tired of slippery walkways, driveways or patios? Westside Wholesale offers a vast selection of snow melting appliances to add even more comfort to your life. Warmly Yours is a reliable manufacturer of radiant heating solutions for home owners and business use.

Among the products available at our store, Snow Melting Mats occupy a very special place. The mats include self-adhesive tape backing and 20' feet of cold lead cable. They are easily installed right into concrete, asphalt or in mortar beneath pavers. Taking in the heat from the mats the paving material melts the snow. You do not have to shovel the snow away each time or use special deicing chemicals. At the same time your energy consumption will not jump. 120V and 240V mats are available in 2’and 3’ widths and their length varies from 5’ to 50’.

In case those places where snow is undesirable have an unusual shape Westside Wholesale offers Snow Melting Cables that are flexible to any modification. The installation requirements are identical to snow melting mats. Available lengths range from 43 to 428 feet.

Temperature and overall performance of Snow Melting systems can be monitored by Snow melting controls available at Westside Wholesale. There are four types of the controllers for sale: Premium-Aerial Control, Economy-Slab Control, Manual Timer Control and Value Snow Melt Control. Each of them includes a Relay Panel that works together with both slab-heating and snow-melting applications, Snow Melt Controller with a sensor and an automatic actuator that operate in cases of climatic changes. For easy and rapid weather condition detection there is a Snow Melt Sensor.

Do not let your neighbors envy you. Let them know your secret with Snow Melt Plaque brass marker. Westside Wholesale is glad to provide you with this excellent home improvement solution that will give you another spare minute not to spend on shoveling.

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