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Important Safety Tips for Space Heaters


In colder months, portable space heaters can be a convenient and efficient way to keep your space warm. While they can make your room comfortable, space heaters have also been known to spark fires and pose safety risks if left unattended or used improperly. To ensure a safe environment and guarantee continued comfort and warmth, follow these important space heater safety tips.

Keep flammable items away – Bedding, curtains, paper and furniture should be kept three feet or more away from a space heater. In addition, always keep flammable liquids such as alcohol, paint and nail polish remover away from the unit.

Keep heater vents dust-free – Vents blocked with lint or other particles could spark a fire.

Don’t leave space heaters unattended – Pets and children should never be left alone with a space heater. The unit could get knocked down accidentally or burn animals or kids.

Keep space heater cords visible – Though electric cords can be unsightly, it’s important to keep them visible; otherwise, people might trip over hidden cords and cause damage to the unit or—even worse—injure themselves. In addition, avoid placing heaters in high-traffic areas.

Avoid using an extension cord – Rather than plugging a space heater into an extension cord, opt to plug it directly into a wall outlet instead. You may also want to avoid running other high-energy appliances like microwaves or toasters, which could cause the circuit breaker to trip, creating a temporary power outage.

Inspect the power cord regularly – To ensure a safe environment, make sure the cord isn't damaged or frayed.

To safeguard your family against fire risks, it’s also recommended that you choose a heater with automatic shut-off options. These features include turning the unit off if it’s knocked down or if it overheats. In addition, many space heaters include an in indicator light to remind people that the unit is still running.

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