Holmes Space Heaters

About Holmes Space Heaters

The Holmes company has been on a market for quite some time, but most importantly is the positive feedback from the customers and dedication to buying Holmes products. When fall and winter seasons are approaching, it is nice to consider a purchase of Holmes portable heaters that will warm up any type of home space quickly. There is no need to wake up at night feeling cool air in the bedroom; a heater can solve this problem at once. Another great feature of all Holmes portable heaters, it allows to save money on utility bills. Being affordable in price, Holmes heaters are found to be one of the best heating solutions both for household and office use today.

The Holmes heater are available in several choices. While they don’t require significant investment as at Westside Wholesale online store these items come at affordable wholesale prices, the heating appliance can be delivered right to your door within 1-3 days. Holmes have a set of safety features that are required for any household. One of theme is the automatic shut off feature if the heater falls down. Protected with a plastic or metallic grill, these heaters are found to be completely safe to be around children or pets.

The Holmes Ceramic Heater:

  • The model has thermostat;
  • Can be used for primary heating needs;
  • 2 control knobs on the heater’s top;
  • Unit control heating temperature;
  • Different wattage: from 750W to 15000W;
  • Compact shape with built-in handle.

Being perfectly efficient for home use, the Holmes portable heaters have gained the reputation of reliable household appliances that will last for a long time. At Westside Wholesale online store we offer the lowest prices for Holmes portable heaters units that will be shipped to your door quickly.

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