Speakman Shower Heads

Speakman S-2253
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Speakman S-2253
Speakman Shower Head, Fixed-Mount 32 Spray Anystream Classic - Polished Chrome
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About Speakman Shower Heads

Westside Wholesale offers Speakman shower heads and equipping accessories. From shower holders, shower hoses to volume controls and diverters, these units are offering plenty of space and are committed providing fine look for your bathroom organization. Westside Wholesale website offeres all types of bathroom accessories and fittings adapt to all Speakman showerheads. We care about your time and comfort by giving a long life warranties to each of the sold products.

Find here a variety of special finishes available for most bathroom accessories: from Polished Chrome Shower Arm & Flange Speakman S-2505 to full-done Satin Nickel Speakman S-2251-SN shower head. All the components are available individually as shower add-ons, most can be fixed by wall-mount or even recessed installation. The showerheads are available in an extensive range of decorative styles and dimensions from 8-Jet Speakman S-2251-PVD to 4-1/4" 5-Jet Speakman S-2005-HB. Now, you can control your own water flow and reflect the trends of a new millennium decor styles. Speakman is committed to providing fine products such as Speakman VS-123 versatile 30" slide bar for hand-held w/ mount screws that will be an integral part of your unique bath environment.

Transform your bath into a true spa resort with Fixed-Mount Shower Heads simply by propping Anystream series shower heads like bright brass Speakman S-2005-BBHOTEL against the wall. To make it more quiet, use it with classical Downpour Rain Speakman S-2555. Made from sturdy engineered cast brass in a different finishing this heads create a cascade of options. Simply enjoy the Adjustable jets with full-body sprays and plunger nozzle system. Having a brisk or a regular pulsating massage streams with precise control & easy spray selection operating handle, is truly rewarding after a long day at work.

Take a look at our Speakman's Hand-Held Shower Heads. These polished brass or chrome units holds Plunger nozzle system in the palm of your hand that delivers a great spray strength. Meet Speakman legendary performance in 5 Ft. fifty powerful body sprays Speakman VS-2207. A shower hose allows easy cleaning procedures and maintenance. You can add-on hand-held shower to go with showering small children & pet grooming. And this cozy unit will fit in any area.

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