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Steam Showers: The Ultimate Luxury


Steam showers are one of life’s little luxuries for your home. Essentially a steam room in place of the the traditional shower for your bathroom. If works by having a humidifier that creates water vapor. The shower is enclosed to prevent vapor from dispersing into the room and avoiding damage to the walls. A steam shower comes with a variety of features perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere.

What are some of the features available for a steam shower?

Each model has different features available. The Ariel Platinum Steam Shower features shower head settings for an acupunture massage, rainfall ceiling, hand-held shower head, twenty massaging jets, FM radio, two stools and an aromatherapy system. Its easy to clean with a self-cleaning function. Its also aesthetically pleasing with chromatherapy lighting and wooden floorboards. Its perfect for any bathroom and can befitted over any tub with retrofit.

Are there advantages of owning a steam shower over a traditional shower?

Many of the advantages of a steam shower are for the health conscious. Steam has many advantages for instance, helping to open blood vessels resulting in better circulation. Steam is a proven method for opening up skins pores resulting in clearer skin. Relaxation is also a huge selling point. Being able to have a private steam room in your home is just another way manufacturers are capturing the average joe and concentrating on bringing down the cost.

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