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Founded in 1973, Streamlight is a leading provider of premium portable lighting tool solutions. Streamlight makes flashlights and other lights that are designed for heavy-duty use in a variety of extreme and hazardous situations. From law enforcement to hunting and other outdoor sports, Streamlight's products are ready for the most difficult challenges.

Streamlight is a company that is dedicated to creating the most resilient products for use in situations where lighting can be a true necessity. Westside Wholesale happily stocks many Streamlight flashlights, headlamps, rail mounted lights, and lanterns. Streamlight products are covered by an expansive manufacturer warranty to be defect-free for a long lifetime of use.

Favored among hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts, Streamlight has a flashlight for almost everyone. For camping and survival scenarios, the company offers LED rechargeable flashlights that can withstand even the fiercest hazards. Streamlight also provides a range of tactical products for military and similar use. These hand-held, helmet mounted, and other tactical flashlights assist those who need them when confronted in poorly lit places.

Westside is proud to be an officially licensed distributor of Streamlight products. We know the company places a lot of care on the durability and supreme reliability of all of their flashlights. Westside Wholesale also carries a wide range of Streamlight replacement batteries for their products. A battery might correspond to a specific product or be for general use, so be sure to pick out the correct Streamlight battery for your needs. Contact a Westside Wholesale team member if you have any questions about Streamlight products or want to place an order.