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Sure-Lites, a part of the popular Cooper Lighting company, ensures a solid performance with an eye towards reducing energy consumption. The brand offers a wide array of innovative emergency lighting products that are designed both for commercial and residential use. Sure-Lites exit signs, emergency and outdoor LED lighting fixtures, and accessories are well-known in the industry for their reliability.

Here on Westside Wholesale, we offer a variety of Sure-Lites LED and emergency lighting products at an affordable price. We are an authorized vendor of the Sure-Lites brand. The Westside Wholesale team regularly update our inventory in order to help you find the outdoor, emergency LED lighting, and exit signs for your specific needs.

Sure-Lites emergency lighting is a good investment for safety and meeting fire codes and regulations. Emergency lighting fixtures from Sure-Lites will typically have back-up power that is independent from the home and office electrical system. In case of power failure, the emergency lighting can be automatically or manually turned on thanks to this system.

Similarly, you can increase the security outside of a home or office through the use of Sure-Lites outdoor lighting. These lighting fixtures can feature motion sensors and photo-controls in order to provide light when most necessary. They can be used to cut costs and also enhance visibility and security in the area. Most Sure-Lites outdoor security lighting are also durable constructed, as well, for a lengthier product lifespan.

Sure-Lites is a leader in producing LED exit signs. Exit signs are essential fixtures in commercial buildings. Sure-Lites makes it easy to find and custom tailor the exit sign for your building's emergency needs. Another perk of Sure-Lites LED exit signs is their energy efficiency, a major benefit of using LED lighting in new and exciting ways.

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