Swanstone Kitchen Sinks, Vanity Tops, Vanity Bowls, & Shower Bases

Swanstone Products

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Since 1964, Swanstone has been developing and manufacturing solid surface sinks and countertops that change the way we think about sink design. Swanstone sinks add function and design, giving them true appeal in your kitchen design. Swanstone sinks are available in a range of style and finish colors that will match your existing or remodeled kitchen exquisitely.

Swanstone offers a wide array of bath and kitchen products, including showers, shower bases, shower pans, bathroom countertops, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and other fixtures. With a variety of products in different forms, colors, and materials it very easy to choose Swanstone models that best fit your needs.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of the Swanstone brand. At Westside Wholesale, we offer our customers the most popular models from the Swanstone company. If you are looking for Swanstone bathroom sinks and vanities, walk-in showers, or kitchen sinks, Westside Wholesale will help you find the product quickly and simply.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom or Swanstone kitchen sink, details like material, shape, size, color, and design should be kept in mind. We sort our collection by many of these attributes so you can find the product or collection you need.

Swanstone kitchen sinks not only provide you with excellent performance, but also offer elegant and stylish design. Choosing the best materials, including granite, quartz stone, and stainless steel, allows for years of reliable performance.

Plus, Swanstone's solid surface shower bases and vanity tops are easy to install. This makes new construction and remodeling tasks much simpler. Installers can eliminate the hassle and time associated with tile through the use of a Swanstone product that can be set up in minutes.