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Top Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Backyard swimming pools can be a great place to relax with family and friends during the summer. But according to the American Red Cross, over 200 children drown every year in residential pools. To help keep kids safe, here is a handy list of swimming pool safety tips for parents:

Know CPR – learn how to perform CPR on adults and children, and encourage your family members, friends and neighbors to do the same.

Establish clear safety rules with your family – This top pool safety tip for kids is among the most basic ways to stop accidents before they occur. Recommended rules include no running by the pool, having a buddy system so swimmers are never left unattended ,and keeping away from drain covers.

Install a pool alarm – A four-foot-tall (or higher) pool gate is just one way to keep your family safe. As an added precaution, use a pool alarm that will sound an alert whenever children or pets enter the pool area or open the pool gate.


Keep a fully-stocked safety kit – In addition to a first aid kit, your pool safety kit should include extra life vests and a pair scissors for cutting trapped hair or clothing from drain covers.

Keep your pool clean – Avoiding health issues caused by dirty water is another way to keep your family safe. Automatic pool cleaners provide an easy way to keep your pool free of debris, while chlorine generators and floating chlorine dispensers can help maintain proper water quality and chemical levels. In addition, changing your pool filter regularly will also keep your water healthy and clean.

Check all pool accessories – Ensure that all handrails, ladders, diving boards and slides are always firmly attached and in working order to avoid accidents.

Whether you need basic swimming pool maintenance supplies or are looking for swimming pool safety supplies, we have everything you need to keep your residential pool safe, clean and fun.

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