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About Sylvania Under Cabinet Lighting

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer to its clients only the best products and only the most innovative solutions in all industry's. We offer to purchase the product line of high quality energy-saving under cabinet lights by Sylvania. The Sylvania brand is very popular and well known all over the world for its innovations in the lighting, the story of experience and successful work of the company goes back to the previous century.

The product line of Sylvain under cabinet lights is represented by various models of under cabinet lights strips that come in white color and have different specifications. The use of LED lighting gives a row of advantages such as long service term and efficiency. There is no need in bulb replacement and electric bills can be minimized sufficiently. The LED bulb gives no UV output and is shock and vibration resistant. It provides minimum heat generation as well.

These under cabinet light strips gave an extremely easy plug in installation with mounting hardware included. The plug-in cable will match with standard wall outlets.

The fixtures are lightweight and have low profile design that makes it possible to place the fixture out of sight.

These outstanding under cabinet light strip fixtures by Sylvania are just perfect for providing effective under cabinet lighting at home office, in the kitchen, studio, it can also be successfully used for marking doors and stairs. Westside Wholesale offers the products at reasonable available prices with no additional ship costs.

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