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System Sensor Products

Created in 1984 as a manufacturer of fire alarm systems, System Sensor is now a leading global company when it comes to the fire detection industry. The company puts a lot of effort into testing, researching, and developing innovative solutions. New, creative ideas in smoke detection technology development ensure customers that all products are up-to-date and capable of saving lives and protecting property.

System Sensor offers products for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, as well as being effective enough for industrial and mission-critical markets. They are widely used in schools, hospitals, homes, and much more. System Sensor smoke detector products include photoelectric sensors, sampling tubes, test stations, and many other products, all designed to offer innovative and cost effective solution to customers worldwide.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of System Sensor duct smoke detectors and accessories. We believe that our customers will appreciate the System Sensor brand for many reasons, including its products' usability, ease of installation, and price point.

Duct smoke detectors are essential to protecting buildings with HVAC systems. They quickly detect smoke or flames and can be connected to stations to promptly alert people in the space. Here at Westside Wholesale, you will find the best offers that will please both your needs and your pocket. System Sensor manufactures smoke and heat detection, duct and sprinkler monitoring, and emergency notification devices. If you have any questions about System Sensor smoke detectors or related products, feel free to contact a Westside Wholesale team member and we'll gladly help you out.

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