Wiseman Tankless Water Heaters

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Wiseman Everclens Kit Tankless Water Heater Descaling Kit
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About Wiseman Tankless Water Heaters

Wiseman is a company that produces a number of products for tankless water heater as well as the water heater themselves. The company is famous all over the world. It has thousand customers who bought these products to create and maintain high level of comfort in their homes. Wiseman is well-known among the professionals and in the entire industry. The products can easily be found everywhere.

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Wiseman products. This includes not only water heaters. There is a special Wiseman Everclens Tankless Water Heater Descaling Solution. This product is highly efficient for the heaters. It cleans and descales the appliance making it work longer and better that before. This liquid is very soft without any harmful or toxic ingredients. The organic formula developed by Wiseman works fast and safe. It is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to septic tanks.

Wiseman Everfree Drain Opened and Descaler (one or 2,5 liters) is one more useful product to cope with many problems of the water heaters. The innovative liquid dissolves limescale, soap powder, phosphates and many other thinks that can damage the appliance. Drain opener is also harmless and non-toxic, can be use for septic tanks. Moreover, it meets the highest environmental friendly standards.

In addition, all of the products can be bought at once for the best result. There is a special Wiseman Everclens Kit that is suitable for tankless water heaters. It is also called Clens-Kit. The kit is created for tankless water heaters ¾” hot and cold drain connections. It cleans and flushes out the whole system carefully and efficiently. There is hardly any other kit on the market that can show the same results. Again, it is environmentally friendly. Professionals prefer to have the whole kit to deal with any problem that can be met.

Westside Wholesale offers all these products at wholesale prices. Some of then are on sale so you may save the money if you buy it right now. It is better to have these liquids before any problem happens.

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