Taylor Technologies Pool Test Kits

Taylor Technologies Products

Taylor Technologies is a company solely dedicated to developing water testing solutions. The company has gathered a wide range of accolades, including being the only test kits recommended by the professionals at the American Swimming Coaches Association. Their products are easy to use and provide valuable information for private pool and spa owners, pool supply stores, pool service professionals, environmental health agents, aquatic facility operators, and many more specialists in the field.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized distributor of Taylor pool testing supplies. Being an authorized distributor of Taylor Technologies kits means that we can provide these products at a more competitive price due to our arrangement with the company. This can lead to major savings, whether for the home pool tester or a professional pool service professional.

One aspect that truly stands out about Taylor Technologies is that they solely focus on water testing products. The company does not manufacture water treatment supplies. This allows them to focus solely on the creation of Taylor Technologies pool kits without any influence to give a certain result. Plus, it provides a better product to the customer time and time again.

The pool test kits available here at Westside Wholesale span a wide range of applications. We offer testing kits that cover alkalinity, chlorine, bromine metal concentration, and other specific uses, as well as comprehensive kits that cover many to all of the above. Taylor Technologies kits are well known for being straightforward to use and thorough. In fact, Taylor Technologies has a pamphlet highlighting how to choose a good test kit, which shows how accurate, suitable, and cost-effective their products are.