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Digital Thermostat Benefits


Modern thermostats come with a variety of options and features, and they provide a user-friendly way to control your home’s cooling and heating.

Digital Thermostats

Among the most advanced and easy-to-use thermostats are digital thermostats. With advanced touch screens and a host of programmable options, digital thermostats have become a favorite for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance way to regulate the temperature inside their homes.

How to Program

With just the touch of your finger, digital thermostats give you the ability to have complete control over the cooling and heating inside your home. To program, first set the correct date and time on your unit. Your program features will vary depending on the unit you purchase, but generally, you can choose from a variety of independent programming cycles per day. Heating and cooling are typically programmed separately, and you will be able to preset times with certain temperatures to suit your schedule.

Power Requirements

Most modern digital thermostats are powered by rechargeable batteries or long-lasting, non-rechargeable batteries that will need to be replaced after 1 – 2 years. Others are hardwired and use 24 volt power, with back-up batteries in the case of a power failure.

Energy Savings

Using a thermostat in your home will result in significant energy savings. By utilizing the programming features on your digital thermostats, you can easily save up to 15% on your annual heating bill. You simply program the thermostat so your heating or cooling units are not being used (or to a lesser degree) when you’re not home. You can then program the thermostat to start up again right before you return home, so that you’re not sacrificing comfort for savings.

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