Toshiba LED Light Bulbs

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Westside Wholesale is proud to offer a strong selection of LED Light Bulbs from Toshiba, an industry leader in energy-efficient light bulbs for residential and office building spaces. The cutting-edge Toshiba LED Light Bulbs offer immediate benefits for building owners: significant savings in energy costs, a durable and long-lasting bulb, and beautiful illumination.

Most Toshiba LED Light Bulbs are designed to replace incandescent light bulbs, and instead of replacing the old bulbs every six months, the new Toshiba bulbs can run up to 50,000 hours (depending on the model), providing up to 17 years worth of light. Many of Toshiba's Light Bulbs are 70 to 80% more energy efficient than existing incandescent and halogen bulbs, meaning that from the first week the bulbs are installed, the bulbs will be an instant winner to the bottomline. Over the course of the lifespan of the bulb, the energy savings may well pay for bulb itself several times over.

Thanks to its long history of technological innovation, Toshiba has ensured its LED Light Bulbs are among the most powerful on the market. With its own Phillips Chip Set in every LED bulb, Toshiba's bulbs are capable of supplying a steady steam of warm light for years to come. Its In fact, Toshiba is so confident in its LED Light Bulbs that it offers a five-year warranty on them, guaranteeing that the lumen output of the lights (the strength of the light) will not diminish during their first five years. Toshiba also offers a dimmable capacity for its LED Light Bulbs, making it easy to build this component into lighting systems.

With heightened discussion about sustainability and energy conservation, Toshiba provides an instantaneous and easy option for transitioning lighting options to LED. All Toshiba bulbs are designed to fit into existing lighting sockets, and making a change to a lighting plan is a snap. Toshiba LED Light Bulbs are available in several different styles, sizes, strengths, and angles.

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