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The Trion brand is known for its effective air purification and cleaning products. The company has designed an impressive selection of air cleaners and humidifiers for home ventilation systems. Here at Westside Wholesale, we carry a wide range of Trion air cleaner products to make your residential spaces much more comfortable with vastly improved air quality.

A Trion air purifier for whole-home use works by connecting directly to ductwork in the home, filtering out particles, irritants, and odors. Trion whole-home air cleaners typically come in two styles: electronic and media. An electronic air cleaner, like the ones in the popular Trion HE series, uses a permanent cell that can be removed and cleaned and combined with an optional charcoal filter.

Alternatively, a media air cleaner, like the purifiers from the Trion Air Bear series, use removable media filters to screen out particles in the air. These air cleaners come in varying cabinet sizes, air filter efficiencies, and airflow capacities for homes of varying sizes. Optional Trion filters for these systems include a washable pre-filter and a charcoal odor-removing filter.

Westside Wholesale offers many Trion replacement filters for their many lines of air purifiers. These filters come in different applications and MERV ratings, which measures the effectiveness of an air filtration products. This allows our customers to purchase exactly the right Trion filter for their set-up. For example, bigger homes might prefer a MERV 11 filter.

A Trion humidifier connects to the ductwork in your home, as well. They help add humidity to the air in the home so that it isn't too dry. Proper air quality from a humidifier improves comfort, energy efficiency, and the longevity of certain fixtures, including wood floors. We stock many replacement humidifier parts and filters in order to extend the lifetime of your Trion humidifier. If you have any questions about Trion or its innovative lines of air purifiers, filters, and humidifiers, please contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.