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UMI 4SB-50/75
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UMI 4SB-50/75
UMI Electrical Box, 4" Metal Junction Box
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About UMI Electrical Boxes

Umi nowadays is a very famous world brand, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical products for the professional installer, such as steel boxes, weatherproof products, and others. The Umi staff is a huge group of hard working and highly motivated professionals who are focused on nonstop improvements in series and products to meet their customers’ needs. It is a perfect partner able to fulfill any project.

We at Westside Wholesales are happy to present Umi production as reliable and trustworthy, with high quality and at affordable price. We are pretty sure in our choice and are happy to recommend it to all our clients.

One of the Umi production lines is UMi electrical box. The electrical boxes from Umi are of really high popularity and can be used both at home and in production area. The electrical boxes produced by Umi possess a row of outstanding features and technical characteristics; they also meet all the necessary requirements concerning the safety in usage.

A wide range of the electrical boxes (different size, form, series) represented nowadays allow our clients make the right choice depending on their needs and the area of application. The electric boxes are mainly produced from materials that are firm enough to protect delicate electronic an electrical equipment from the ambient influence such as heat, fire, humidity. One more outstanding characteristic of the UMI electrical Boxes is their high resistance to the influence of the wide range of chemicals such as salt solutions, oils, acids and water. They are also highly resistible to ultra violet rays.

Technical characteristics of the UMI electrical boxes may vary somewhat depending on the series and exact model. All the features and specifications are noted in the descriptions we have at Westside Wholesales, so our clients can get acknowledged with them and make the right choice depending on their personal necessities.

Umi Electrical box will make just an excellent choice and we are proud to have it here at Westside Wholesales as a product of high quality.

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