Universal Electronic Ballasts

About Universal Electronic Ballasts

Universal Electronic is well-known company specializing in electro-mechanical components and dedicated to satisfy customer needs in this area. The company have been on the world market for many years and managed to won trust and respect of its clients.

Westside Wholesale also has full trust of its customer so we try to fulfill all their needs and propose decent and high quality production at attractive prices. Our choice of products is able to meet all the needs our clients might have. This is the reason why we offer this line of products by Universal, who showed itself as to the world as a trustful supplier of really hi-tech production. Such purchase will be worth all the money spent on it.

Universal Electronic Ballast is one of the electronic supplies we suggest here at Westside Wholesales as one of the most necessary devices for every household.

All the electronic devices come along with magnetic ballasts with are far less comfortable in use and technical characteristic than electronic ones.

An electronic ballast is a special device being used for providing power to a load (such as electrical discharge lamp for example) and to regulate the power, both as to its current and voltage. Such electronic ballast is widely used to convert commercial power into an electrical signal of high voltage sufficient for creating and maintaining plasma in gas discharge lamp, such as fluorescent lamps or HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. Universal electronic ballast adjusts lamp current by adjusting driving frequency. Such ballast is intended to provide the lamp with sully of electricity in a way that should remain obligatory controlled to possess these proper characteristics of current and voltage.

These models of Universal electric ballasts we have in store at Westside Wholesales have a set of personal specifications, put in the description to each model. From these description clients can get to know all the necessary information such as lamp type and type of start, bulb models and voltage. The dimensions of the ballast itself such as height, length and width of the product are also given.

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