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Universal Lighting Technologies is a leading manufacturer of ballasts and controls, especially in regards to high efficiency lighting design. Created in 1943 and now a part of the Panasonic family of companies, Universal designs energy efficient industrial and commercial lighting solutions, including the use electronic linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, LED, and many more. In fact, the company changed its name to Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. in 2001 to reflect its commitment to creating energy-saving lighting products.

Here at Westside Wholesale, we are proud to be an authorized seller of Universal electronic ballasts and other products. These ballasts feature innovative components that will be a dependable part of a lighting plan for years to come. Our selection of Universal electronic ballasts covers a range of lighting fixtures and are typically compatible with a wide range of electrical systems.

Universal has made many pioneering steps in the field of electronic lighting. The company was the first one to even introduce an electronic lighting ballast and expanded this design to include T8 and T12 linear and CFL lights. Universal Lighting Technologies regularly updates its products to meet modern lighting demands and Westside Wholesale strives to keep a comprehensive selection in stock.

If you have any questions about Universal electronic ballasts, compatibility with your lighting system, or would like to place an order, contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team. We sort our Universal lighting ballasts by voltage and type to help you track down the exact product you need. We also offer competitive shipping rates and discounts on bundled orders.

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