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About Utility Pumps

Having a Utility pump around the house can save you a lot of time and money when water problems arise. Utility pumps are multi-purpose pumps that typically are used in the transfer of water from one location to another, or can be used universally to remove water where needed. There are several types of utility pump designs based on the purpose:

Non-Submersible Utility Pumps: The non-submersible style pumps are most commonly used for water transfer from one location to another without the requirement of having the pump submersed.

Submersible Utility Pumps: The more common type of utility pump, available in several sizes and power levels based on the project. Some uses for a submersible utility pump are pool and spa drainage, waterfall operation, or sump drainage. The oil free design of these models makes them ideal in situations where a fish safe pump must be used (waterfalls and waterscapes).

Utility pumps are an economical way to add extra touches to your landscaping and backyard. The heavy duty thermoplastic cases usually used for these pumps provides a rugged exterior that will withstand outdoor weather shifts, without leaching oils or other lubricants into the water system . Pool and spa waterfalls, misting systems, and water currents are all possible by use of a good utility pump.

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