Variable Speed Control

About Variable Speed Control

Fantech Company is a manufacturer that specializes in air technologies. All of their products are durable and reliable, created by using special innovative techniques. The aim of all Fantech appliances is to make life easier, so a variable speed controller is also something that can easily maintain the proper level of comfort in inside the house.

Westside Wholesale has a variety of different things in stock that help control the speed such as the controller itself, a dryer booster fan pressure switch and a special gage for measuring and balancing the airflow.

A variable speed controller provides a lot of benefits to its owner. The main idea is that this appliance can help to control the outgoing air flow from the Fantech fan at a preferred speed. All models have a brushed aluminum switch plate. Screws are also included. The technical characteristics are 10 amps \ 115 volts. Dryer boost switch is an appliance that gives the opportunity to have a fully automatic operation of dryer booster fan.

A magnehelic differential pressure gage has a variety of 81 ranges so any can be chosen to suit your needs. It can measure a wide range of pressures and other significant features like air velocity, and a lot more. The model is cheap and can be easily installed.

Westside Wholesale offers these products at wholesale prices, offering the lowest price on the market. In addition to this, we have some special offers. You can save even more money if you use a discount coupon. Stop by and place an order today!

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