Ventilation Grilles

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About Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation affects great air quality in any given room, therefore, homeowners must try to create an efficient ventilation system, and Westside Wholesale can help in this. Westside Wholesale offers its customers a large catalogue of ventilation grilles from different manufacturers.

In our store, we have wall, duct, floor and ceiling mounting ventilation grilles, which can be used for installation in residential houses, city apartments, commercial buildings etc. Commercial usages include installation in shopping centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, underground car parks, cinemas, halls and other rooms and buildings, where people crowd. Depending on room size and the type of ventilation system in the building, our customers can choose from more than 90 different high-quality products in our catalogue. We offer a wide array of volumetric flow ranges is available to choose from. Different models have various technical parameters and our clients will be satisfied with the versatility Westside Wholesale can offer.

Products vary not only in terms of technical criteria, but also in design and finishes. Commercial property owners will most likely choose from cheap profitable models, since design and beauty do not affect profitability and revenue from warehouses and other similar commercial buildings. Homeowners can choose from practical and beautiful products with different finishes in order to fit any interior. All products are ready for installation and come equipped with required fittings, fixtures and accessories. Depending on tasks, our clients can select from filtered and non-filtered models, from models made of metal or plastic.

Westside Wholesale offers a wide variety of ventilation grilles from the most reputable brands such as Panasonic, Fantech, Nutone, Hart & Cooley and other great companies. We believe that our customers will find a proper solution to their ventilation problems and will be able to breathe deeply after purchasing and installing a ventilation grille in our store.

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