VIP pricing for all business customers

Save up to 18%

As a wholesale store we give a chance to save big for all bulk buyers. We have a bunch of incentives to make sure we give you the best deals out there. Let's see how it works.

Let's say you are planning a $500 in our regular prices, some products are already on sale, but of course you want to save more.

Here's how:

  1. 1) save 4% if you buy $199 and up of Bundle products
  2. 2) save 8% if you buy $799+ Freight products
  3. 3) do not forget we have coupons
  4. 4) and Cashback in Westside dollars - with each purchase you get up to 10% of order total to your Westside Dollar balance.

Our VIP program allows you to pay up to 10% of your order* with Westside Dollars.

We also offer ZIP-based Free shipping, and Free Freight shipping.

With all these incentives you can save $68 on every $500 you spend with us when purchasing Bundle Items, and $172 on every $1000 when purchasing Freight Items.

Or even more if you've got a coupon :)

The more you buy, the more you save. Enjoy wholesale prices every day with Westside!

* maximum limits of WD spent per order apply