Vornado Space Heaters

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About Vornado Space Heaters

Space heaters today are considered to be an essential part of any household. Being able to maintain comfortable atmosphere, Vornado space heaters come in very handy during the cold months of the year. Vornado digital heaters are simply perfect solution to heat particular house space or office. Inexpensive in price, these brilliant heating appliances enable owner to save money on utility bills while keeping the necessary warm atmosphere for happy household members.

Found to be highly effective to warm bedroom or children room in the night hours, the client is ensured to receive warm evenings instead of cold room. Major Vornado feature is a fan that helps to circulate the heat especially in larger space areas of the house. As the heater begins to warm up the room, as soon as it reaches the necessary temperature, it will work to sustain it. That is why the temperature maintaining features play an important role. Another great additional feature of Vornado heaters is the ability to run fan only to keep the air circulating at the house or apartment during warm months.

Being highly effective and simple in use, the Vornado heater is a powerful unit that helps to sustain warmth while the weather outside is cold or freezing. We always receive positive feedback from happy buyers that liked the product in use. The Vornado heaters are completely safe around pets and children due to their protected featured shapes. The manufacturer has created this long-lasting product and ensured affordable price for type of clients.

Here some major Vornado Space Heater features that will come in handy when making a choice to make a purchase at Westside Wholesale store:

  • Variety of heat settings such as Low, Medium, and High;
  • Sleek design with matte chrome appearances;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Customized technological innovation;
  • Powerful Heat Producing Appliance;
  • Safe with children or pets;
  • Light-weighted and modern design;
  • Automatic shut off unit.
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