Lutron Wall Dimmers

Lutron MA-L3L3-LA
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Lutron MA-L3L3-LA
Lutron Dimmer Switch, Maestro Combinatio Dual Function 2-300W Light Dimmer- Light Almond
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About Lutron Wall Dimmers

About Lutron Wall dimmers. Lutron is the leader in the lighting control industry and the first to successfully mass-market the wall dimmer. It is still the only company to create systems of wall dimmers, and for over 50 years has been manufacturing innovation.  Lutron Wall dimmer Switches provide a simple and elegant way to control lighting in any space.  When it comes to Lutron Wall dimmer Switches, you will have your choice from hundreds of different design options and features such as the Diva, Lyneo, Maestro, Abella, Ceana, Nova T, Nova, Vareo, and Vierti in designer, traditional, architectural, and new architectural styles. Westside Wholesale provides a variety of wall mounted Lutron Wall dimmer switches that will dim Incandescent, Halogen, Magnetic low-voltage, Electronic low-voltage, CFL, Neon or LED wall dimmers. Lutron Wall dimmer Switches are available with voltages of 120V, 12V and wattages of 300W, 450W, 480W, 600W, 800W and 1000W. Select Lutron Wall dimmer Switches feature LED lights that show the preset light level while giving off a soft night-light like glow.

Wall mounted Lutron Wall dimmer Switches offer convenience, style, security, as well as conserve energy while beautifying your home. A Lutron Wall dimmer Switch will reduce electricity usage and extend the life of the bulb. All Lutron Wall dimmer Switches automatically save 4-9% in electricity, and installing a Lutron Wall dimmer is one of the easiest ways to go green in your home and office. A standard light switch will only save electricity when turned off, whereas Lutron Wall dimmer Switches save energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All lighting will use less energy when dimmed, and an eco-friendly Lutron Wall dimmer Switch will provide a great way to save energy while saving money. Most Lutron Wall dimmers are available with the eco-dim feature, which guarantees at least 15% of energy savings compared to a standard switch.

Available now are the new wall mounted wall dimmer switches for Dimmable CFL and LED Bulbs. These Lutron wall dimmer switches Incorporate HED technology to improve dimming performance compared to standard wall dimmers. Dimming CFLs and LEDs offer even more energy savings. Whether it’s a home or commercial building, Lutron CFL and LED wall dimmer switches are a great alternative to incandescent or halogen lights bulbs.

Lutron Wall dimmer switches will take your lighting needs from day to night, by allowing you to create a personalized comfortable setting in your home or office.

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