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As its name suggests, Warmly Yours is known for its effective series of heating products. These span from towel warmers and mirror defoggers to snow melting solutions. Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Warmly Yours, a company that has been designing and innovating radiant heating products for decades.

The most popular item in its line is the electric floor heating systems, which install easily into new concrete pours and helps to heat cold exteriors that don't receive adequate heating. Warmly Yours includes several pre-measured mats, which make installation even easier.

If a space is uniquely shaped, there are several options for using runs of cable to create a warming area. For rooms with carpet, laminate, or floating wood flooring, Warmly Yours makes the radiant floor heating systems to keep rooms in a household nice and toasty without using too much electricity.

Warmly Yours also makes snow melting mats and cables, which can keep pesky areas outside the door and along walkways clear of snow and ice. Like the electric floor heating systems, the mat or cables are installed in a fresh pour of concrete, and just like that, the days of shoveling snow are over.

In addition to its heating mats, heating cables, towel heaters, and defoggers, Warmly Yours also makes panels, transformers, regulators, and thermostats that control the heat flow. These accessories provide for an even more comfortable heating experience.

Our inventory of Warmly Yours radiant heating products is regularly updated with their newest designs. If you have questions about the Warmly Yours brand of their heating solutions, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.