WasteMaid Water Filtration

About WasteMaid Water Filtration

Westside Wholesale offers Waste Maid water filtration systems, a leader in the industry. The systems are good for household and commercial use. Adding the benefits of filtrated drinking water to a kitchen means saving money and improving health.

The Precision RO P-RO is designed and manufactured to provide drinking water of the highest quality, removing undesirable particles from it. In this process, more water flows to the tank, and less water flows to the drain. The flow is fast. Compact, lightweight, blue-and-white colored filtration systems are simple and less expensive than buying bottled drinking water.

Filtration systems by the Waste Maid are produced to remove salts, odors, carbonates for much healthier water. The tea, coffee, soups will taste much better, if these devices are installed in the kitchen. If in restaurants, water filtration systems will help to deliver the water of the superior quality to all the clients.

The Westside Wholesale provides every customer with 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Affordable prices for the water filtration systems are also impressive and can suit every budget. If equipped with such a device, every household can get a quick use of it. In addition, the Precision RO P-RO filtration system is qualified for the free shipping option. In fact, if purchase this item, it is possible to earn special “Westside dollars”, which are of the great use for the other purchases. Everything is done to make every customer 100% satisfied.

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