Water Heater Timers

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About Water Heater Timers

Comparing water heaters without timers and the units with programmable timers is like comparing regular cell phones and smartphones. A heater timer is a must-have upgrade making your water heater more cost-effective and simple to use.

A standard electric water-heating device heats water all the time. Installation of a timer enables you with the ability to control on/off times of the heater’s operation in such way cutting electricity bills. Water heater timers you can buy at WestsideWholesales online store offer such benefits:

  • Compatibility – most timers will do perfectly for electric and gas (natural/propane) water-heating systems.
  • Cost-effectiveness – the “off-rate” option allows turning on a heater during the off-peak demand hours (lower-priced electricity is offered by utility companies during the nighttime and weekends). It is easy to cut the electricity bills by 5%-12% having such option at fingertips.
  • Prolongation of a heater’s operation – a heater is used less frequently with a timer, i.e. the total term of operation is prolonged.
  • Fast cost recovery – a timer purchase (with the installation expenses the cost is up to $300-$400) will get the outlay in less than 2 months.

WestsideWholesales online store offers water heater timers manufactured by Intermatic. Since 1981 a family-owned North American company named Intermatic has manufactured high-quality and advanced energy control options including mechanic time switches.

WestsideWholesales’ customers can buy up-to-date water heater timers by Intermatic: EH40 (240V/30A/DPST 7-Day Digital Programming), EH10 (120V/30A/SPST 7-Day Digital Programing), T104-20 (240V/10,000W/DPST/Mechanical Switch), WH40 (240V/10,000W/DPST/Mechanical Switch), WHAVQ4 (Auto Voltage/24-Hour DPDT/Mechanical Switch) and WHAVQ7 (Auto Voltage/7-Day DPDT/Mechanical Switch).

Intermatic devices can offer a bunch of exclusive features:

  • A reset program with 12 on/off settings;
  • A mechanic switch with a control allowing repeating preset daily schedule;
  • An external manual push button to turn a heater on/off ahead of the schedule;
  • On/off indicator light.

Save time and money with smart water heater timers! No shipping costs, 24/7 customer support, special discounts and the best products provided by the best brands of the industry – all these bonuses you’ll get as a WestsideWholesales client!

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