Waterpik Dental Water Jet & Shower Heads

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Waterpik is the leading manufacturer of innovative home health products. Waterpik shower heads use water conservation technology to improve water pressure even in low pressure plumbing situations. Waterpik shower heads utilize 30% less water through channeling design, and OptiFlow technology to increase water pressure, providing the same quality shower experience at less cost, and with more ecological consciousness. Waterpik shower heads are made of the highest quality, long lasting materials, providing unmatched value. With many styles & finishes, there is sure to be a Waterpik shower head for any bathroom!

When it comes to oral health, WaterPik is an industry leader, producing products that are more effective than any other product on the market. Waterpik's ultimate waterjet technology cleans deeper and more effectively than standard brushing and flossing. Waterpik oral health products provide a balanced product line and complete oral care, amounting to an 80% increase in effectiveness.       WaterPik Shower Head Videos | WaterPik Oral Care Videos

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