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WattStopper was founded over 30 years ago, with a focus on innovative occupancy sensors. Since then, the company has dedicated itself to creating well-made, energy-efficient lighting and energy controls. Its product line includes high performance vacancy sensors, occupancy sensors, dimmer switches, timers, and more.

With a wide range of options, there is sure to be a WattStopper sensor or switch for your lighting control needs that will reduce your energy bills. WattStopper motion sensors can prevent lights from being on in unoccupied rooms, extending the light's lifetime and cutting electrical costs. Plus, it's much safer and convenient.

There are both WattStopper occupancy and vacancy sensors. Occupancy sensors turn on when people enter a room and typically will shut off when it detects that there's no movement in the area. WattStopper vacancy sensors, on the other hand, only turn off lights when a room is determined to be vacant. These sensors can reduce building operating costs by 10% or more.

WattStopper timer switches and load schedulers work in a similar manner. They allow for lighting and appliance loads to be scheduled, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Cutting off lights and energy loads when they're not used, overnight for example, can reduce standby power costs.

WattStopper dimmer switches also provide appropriate lighting by allowing you to select the lighting level that matches the occasion. There are also dimmers that also have occupancy or vacation sensors, making them even more convenient for use.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of WattStopper lighting control products. We regularly add to our inventory to keep up with innovative WattStopper switches, which are constantly updated to meet today's demands for energy efficient lighting. Our products are sorted by type, color, mounting type, voltage, and more to help you find the exact WattStopper sensor you need. Contact Westside Wholesale for more information if you have any questions on the brand or ordering.