WattStopper Motion Sensors

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How to Select

About WattStopper Motion Sensors

Westside Wholesale offers the best motion sensors, designed and manufactured by the Watt Stopper. Having the long history that is going back to 1984, by now it is a big manufacturer of digital lighting management products, motion sensors for home and commercial use, wall box dimmers, lighting control panel systems, etc. Based in Santa Clara, USA, Watt Stopper is a well-known company with a great number of positive feedbacks from buyers. The products of the company are a good choice for schools, warehouses, office buildings, and houses.

Motion sensors are devices that are created for detecting moving objects, including people. These systems are the essential elements of the security systems and are good for shops, offices, or homes. The system is equipped with an electronic motions detector, which contains a motion sensor, transforming motion into the electric signal. Some of the motion detectors can identify objects in radius of 15-25 meters; it is very useful for those who want to protect the building from the burglars. The motion sensors by the Watt Stopper are one of the best choices in the market of security products, due to the technical details of the systems.

Technical Details of Motion Sensors by the Watt Stopper

The following technical details are typical for the motion sensors by Watt Stopper:

  • The radius of detecting is 360 degrees. It gives the opportunity to detect moving objects all around.
  • The voltage and electric power may vary. The items are of 24V, 120/277V to 24V, 120/230/277V, 120V-347V, 120/277V, 120V-347V, 120V, etc.
  • Traditionally white color, in which the majority of the items are designed and manufactured.
  • Different shapes of the items. The majority is round shaped, and some others are shaped in the forms of quadrates and rectangular. Due to the different shapes, it turns possible to choose the one or couple that suit better for design of a building.
  • Ceiling or wall occupancy items and some of them are of the switch character.
  • The items can detect objects in radiuses of 1000 Sq. Ft., 1100 Sq. Ft., 2000 Sq. Ft., and 2200 Sq. Ft.

Watt Stopper Items at the Westside Wholesale

The motion sensors of the Watt Stopper, offered by the Westside Wholesale, are always of the best quality. All the products are tested and certified before putting them on sale. The best prices for them are ranged at 30$-165$, - very affordable!

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