Well Lights

About Well Lights

There are many applications of well lights which means you can use them for any type of design in order to enhance the exterior of your house. Using directional light, a person can make their surroundings safe in the dark. Avoid risks of injury with the right kind of lights from Westside Wholesale. Light up your way with the well lights that enter our gallery of products.

Focus Industries Outdoor Well Light SL-20L-PAR36-BRT provides high quality lighting of the area near the house. The model features clear convex glass lens and bronze texture finish. The diameter is 7 1/4".

Choose Focus Industries Outdoor Well Light SL-20MDGPAR36T in case there is a necessity to protect glass lenses with a grate. This is a grated version of the previous model. The technical specs are the same.

When buying well lights customers should first pay attention to the upper part as this is the visible part. The rest will be hidden in the walls, roof, fence or other surface, where homeowners install lights. Focus Lighting SL-37-MR16BLT features an extruded tubing lens holder made of copper. Tempered glass lens is flat and clear. It looks as if it hides behind the trim a little.

Malibu Lighting 8401-3500-01 also offers grated glass lenses at a low price. The lights are good for landscape lighting and can also serve as underwater light. The manufacturer assures that lights are easy for installation without professional specialist. However, even the installation of waterproof constructions require careful responsibility especially when lights are going to be fully submerged in water. Theres is a waterproof seal on these lights which make it possible to use this model in such a way. Customers might like to buy Malibu Lighting well lights for backyard water gardens. Neutral black finish is universal. Economical energy saving technology lets users save up 85% of energymeaning that users do not need to worry about their energy bills. Metal non-corrosive metal is the best material for application with water.

One can acquire well lights of unfinished copper such as the Focus Lighting SL-36-MR16BAB model. Its finish provides natural look. The well light has extruded form and clear tempered glass lens. There is 2-pin base GU 5.3 socket.

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