Westside Wholesale protection plan

Westside Wholesale protection plans

Is the manufacturer’s limited warranty good enough?

Do you want to deal directly with us instead of the manufacturer?

Westside’s Protection plan is about:

  • Getting you covered in the cases unexpected failure is not covered by the manufacturer.
  • Making you feel safe about your purchase beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Not giving you the run around from 3rd parties and their complicated policies and deductibles.

Our protection plans are product specific and are the lowest on the web. Here is what we cover:

Coverage Manufacturer Warranty WW Protection Plan
Item defect within Manuf. warranty period
Item defect outside Manuf. warranty period
Failure caused by Power Surge
Lemon Replacement
Shipping Costs Back & Forth

Which products are eligible?

Check the product page underneath the add to cart button. There will be options to chose from. If the option is not there, that means we don’t cover it yet.