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Which is better: a tower fan or pedestal fan?

Pedestal fans and tower fans are both great options for beating the heat during warmer months, but which one is best for you? Before making a purchase, you will need to consider the space you have available, the purpose of the fan, and your style constraints.


The space in which your fan will be used is a big factor when determining what kind of fan you should purchase. For apartment dwellers or those looking to cool smaller rooms, tower fans are a great option. Their slender design allows them to fit in tight corners, while still providing ample air flow. Because pedestal fans have large blades, they are typically capable of cooling larger rooms. If you have abundant space available, a pedestal fan might be a better option. Pedestal fans are often used in larger homes and living areas.


 For what purpose will you be using your fan? Some simply need increased air circulation, while others may be concerned about allergies. If you just need to cool off your room or you are looking to facilitate air circulation, there are pedestal fans and tower fans that can serve this purpose. However, if would like to purify the air of dust or pet dander, a tower fan with built-in features will be the more desirable option. With ionizers and other advanced features, many tower fans can help alleviate allergies and increase the air quality in your home.


Tower fans will allow you to accentuate your existing décor, while most pedestal fans are less seamless than their sleek counterparts. If style is not a concern and you are simply looking for an inexpensive way to cool a larger room, a pedestal fan will be just what you need. With a variety of sophisticated styles, tower fans can really play up your aesthetics and are a great way to cool off stuffy rooms without being obtrusive.