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Which Portable Fan is Right for Me?


Portable fans provide an easy, affordable way to keep your home or office space cool. But did you know they also offer other benefits, such as keeping the air circulated and preventing harmful gas and fumes from lingering?

When it comes to choosing a portable fan, there are many different options that are best suited for different spaces and purposes. To learn how to choose a portable fan that’s best for you, read the following helpful tips.

Desk Fans

Usually the most compact and affordable cooling options, desk fans are best suited for small, personal areas. These small units are ideal for placing on tables, desks and countertops.

Pedestal Fans

If you’re looking to cool a larger space or room, pedestal fans are convenient because they typically offer adjustable heights and oscillating options.

Tower Fans

Tower fans usually offer the same features as pedestal fans, but they’re better suited for smaller spaces because of their vertical, compact design. In addition, they tend to be more quiet and are not as top-heavy as pedestal units.

Window Fans

For those who want fresh air to be circulated into the room, window fans are the best option. In addition to saving space, these window-mounted fans also draw out old, musty air, making this unit type an economic option for allergy sufferers.

Whether you need a small fan to cool your desk area or an entire A/C system, we offer a variety of cooling options to suit your needs. Choose from our range of leading brands for portable fans, ceiling fans, evaporative coolers, ductless air conditioning units and more at a price for every budget.

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