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Aprilaire 5000
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Aprilaire 5000
Aprilaire Whole House Air Purifier, Premium Air Cleaner
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About Whole House Air Purifiers

Westside Wholesale offers an ideal solution for those who suffer from different illnesses such as flu, cold and other. Whole house air purifier systems are created to kill all mold, bacteria and viruses that can cause these diseases. Air purifiers are often used in hospitals and clinics to prevent proliferation of bacteria, so they are able to cope with impurities in the house as well.

Technology. Whole house models are installed into the home’s central heating and cooling system. The air goes through the purifier which then releases it free of bacterial particles into the room. There can be different innovative technologies of different manufacturers, but the key point is the same. All purifiers but UV models use filters. HEPA filters are one of the most well-known. There are also pre-filters, carbon filters and other. The whole system should be checked once a year.

Benefits. Whole house air purifiers require no additional space in any room as they are installed into the ducts. They are invisible helpers that provide pure air to breathe for the entire house. Unlike portable appliances whole house systems are enough for the whole house even if it is really big. It needs little care – the maintenance is only once a year. Such appliances are soundless and will not bother anyone at night. The main benefit is elimination of all the bacteria, mold and viruses. This will have a great positive influence on health, especially for people who suffer from allergies and breathing problems. Air purifier also helps to save money on energy costs. Dust and dirt on heating and cooling system reduce the efficiency up to 25%. Purifier eliminates these substances, the whole systems becomes more efficient and so uses less power to satisfy the needs.

Westside Wholesale has a variety of whole house air purifiers. The features differ from model to model so you can choose the one to fit the certain duct and to satisfy any need. All purifier systems are sold at wholesale prices. Some models can be bought at a discount price right now.

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