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About Wireless Lighting Accessories

Westside Wholesale presents wireless lighting accessories that can enhance the wireless lighting systems in any house. With accessories from Westside Wholesale the wireless systems acquire bigger functionality.

Lutron EA-REP-WH is a signal repeater for RadioRA system. The coverage area is 2500 sq.ft. This is the distance where the device can master switches, dimmers and etc. Homeowners acquire it to enlarge the range of system when they install wireless lighting in bigger houses. Beep and Flash modes of the device is necessary to check RF communication between the participants of the network. The users will be able to switch on and off lights from any place of the house and from the outside area.

Acquire Lutron RA-IR to use RadioRa system for learning home theatre remote and for lighting control. This is a brand new communication technology that works to enhance your lifestyle. One can go to bed and switch off everything in a huge house with a single button. Use the button “All on” to deter the trespasser in your house. The system is easily customized according to your needs. There are 15 programmable scenes in the Lutron RadioRa Infrared Interface.

Lutron RA-SCI is a RasioRa switch closure interface that homeowners use for control of external equipment. The device gives the possibility to connect standard devices to the system.

Customers buy Lutron RA-RC-3 when they want to control the lighting system from the telephone interface. Using this feature one will be able to control lighting in his house from any place of the world.

Lutron RA-DZS-200A-24 with astronomical time clock interface is easy for installation at your house without rewiring. It uses sunrise and sunset times to control the lighting. It has multifunction entry master control and RadioRa Switch Closure Interface. This device is UL listed.

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