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About Wireless Lighting Control System

Controlling the lights in a home or office can be a very time-consuming and exhausting job. Westside Wholesale has assembled a wide collection of wireless controllers that can make your life simpler and much more convenient.

Items that you’ll find in this section are presented with modular radio receivers, signal repeaters, infrared interfaces, timers, switches and controllers. With the help of the kits that we have here you will be able to install a fully functional lighting control system in any type of building.

The advantages of having a system like that include increased efficiency and reduced energy bills at the end of each month. You will no longer have to pay for lights that were left on by accident. A control system can be programmed to switch the applications in your house automatically. Not only that, your home will become a safer place to be in.

The features of the products that we sell include easy installation and wiring, compatibility with most of the standard lighting fixtures and very simple operation with comprehendible controls. Also, equipping the lights with an automatic control system helps save up to 40% of energy. Now you can monitor the outdoor and indoor lights with a single device.

Since Westside Wholesale works with Lutron and Intermatic companies directly, we offer manufacturer warranties and reasonable pricing for every product that we sell. Moreover, fast three-day shipping service is available for all U.S. orders. If you want to receive an extra discount, consider placing a bundle order.

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