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About Zoned Comfort Control

Zoned comfort system by Aprilaire is a system that can control the heating and cooling in the entire house including all indoor air quality accessories. Air systems by Aprilaire are well known all over the world for its durability and reliability. The quality is exceptional. As a leader of the industry Aprilaire created technologies that maintain the proper level of comfort in the entire house by pushing only one button. This comfort system makes the life easier and more convenient. There is no more need in running around the house and control the settings manually. Zoned comfort system will do everything automatically.

The zone comfort system has a heart that is connected to thermostats in each zone of the house. The data from thermostats is shared between them and all the parts and accessories to reach the optimal level of performance and comfort. Any thermostat can be turned on or off, or just be viewed from another one. The outdoor temperature, indoor level of humidity and any other options can be views from any thermostat. To maintain the best level of comfort in the whole house, the system also controls air cleaning and ventilation. So there is a big system that connects all the appliances, collects all the information and makes it available for anyone at the house from any thermostat. The system is smart and it optimizes the operation to reach the best results with the lowest costs.

Aprilaire added various features to make the system even better. Simple troubleshooting self-diagnoses errors automatically and alert when there are any problems. Plenum temperature control has a low and high protection of the equipment. Any zone sets mode gives the opportunity to set the independent temperature in each zone. Short cycle protection also protects the equipment. There are also zoned fan, fuse protection, automatic mode changeover and dual fuel operation. All these features help to protect the system and the equipment itself and keep the optimal comfort level.

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